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Marxist Women’s Day | Dr. Paul Kengor on The Dr J Show ep. 229

The same people who are telling us to celebrate Women’s history during March are the same ones who are telling us that not only are people like Bruce Jenner and Dylan Mulvaney women, but that there isn’t really a definition of what a woman is in the first place. Fight back against their lies, and celebrate real women with us this month by donating today:

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Paul Kengor, Ph.D., is professor of political science at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, and a New York Times bestselling author of over 20 books. He is senior director and chief academic fellow at the Institute for Faith & Freedom and former visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. His articles have ...

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Feminism's Real, but Complicated, History with Transgenderism

Dr. Morse explains one of the three things she learned this past year about transgenderism. Listen in as she explores the complicated relationship between feminism and transgenderism.

True Facts of Feminist History | Mallory Millett on The Dr J Show ep. 226

The same people who are telling us to celebrate Women’s history during March are the same ones who are telling us that not only are people like Bruce Jenner and Dylan Mulvaney women, but that there isn’t really a definition of what a woman is in the first place. Fight back against their lies, and celebrate real women with us this month by donating today:

Refute the Top 5 Gay Myths with this free eBook:

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Mallory Millett’s life in the public spotlight started as a runway and print model for Dayton/Hudson Corporation in her hometown of Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN. She transitioned into a successful acting career with roles in Off-Broadway, On-Broadway and in film. Mallory has published nine feature articles, including “Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives,” which was called by Dr. Patrick Fagan, Director of ...

Pro-Life Researcher Debunks Pro-Abortion Study | Dr. Michael New on The Dr J Show ep. 224

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Dr. Michael J. New is an Assistant Professor of Social Research at the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Dartmouth College, Dr. New received a master’s degree in statistics and a doctorate in political science from Stanford University in 2002.
Before coming to the Washington, DC area, Dr. New worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Harvard-MIT Data Center. He later taught at The University of Alabama, the University of Michigan -- Dearborn, and Ave Maria University.
Dr. New researches and writes about the social science of pro-life issues. He gives presentations on both the positive impact of pro-life laws and the gains in public support for the pro-life position. He is a frequent blogger on National Review Online "The Corner".
Dr. New has had two studies on pro-life legislation...

Dr. J Podcast: A Catholic Gender Studies Program? Ep. 236 | Leah Jacobson and Kevin Stuart

Gender Studies programs focus on the women's victimhood and how to remedy that (usually through Marxist means). That's a problem because it doesn't focus on what women are and can give, are, or their potential. Enter the Catholic Gender Studies program. Leah Jacobson and Kevin Stuart discuss the roles of gender with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse on Episode 236 of the Dr. J Show.

Leah Jacobson is an international speaker, non-profit founder, board-certified lactation consultant, and author of the new book Wholistic Feminism: Healing the Identity Crisis Caused by the Women’s Movement (Lumen Press, 2021). Leah founded The Guiding Star Project in 2011 to provide resources that honor Natural Law and promote wholistic feminism. One of Leah’s greatest passions is supporting young women as they transition into their roles as new mothers. Leah resides in central Minnesota with her husband and seven children.

Dr. Kevin E. Stuart is an assistant professor of political science, director of the Master in Public Policy & Administration ...

Dr. J Podcast: A Catholic Gender Studies Program? Ep. 236 | Leah Jacobson and Kevin Stuart
Podcast: Catherine Pakaluk Explains Why 5% of Women Decide to Have More Children

In an age where many women have decided that having children is not worth it, there are women all around the country who have decided to have more children. Catherine Pakaluk, an economist and director of Social Research at the Catholic University, recently asked the question why do these women decide to have more children? She traveled across the country and spoke with 55 women, all of whom had 5 or more children, to find out why they decided to have more children. Her new book, "Hannah's Children: the Women Quietly Defying the Birth Dearth," contains her research and stories of the women she interviewed. And you can enter to win one of five autographed copies of the book, for free! Just send an email to [email protected] before May 16th at 12 PM Central to be entered to win.

Buy the book, Hannah's Children, here:

You can follow her on X here:

Watch this video on the ...

Podcast: Catherine Pakaluk Explains Why 5% of Women Decide to Have More Children
The Ruth Institute Podcast Episode 234: Mary Margaret Olahan Shares Detransitioner Stories

Being transgender is almost the preferred mode of existence: from President Biden proclaiming transgender day of visibility on Easter, to June being pride month, especially for transitioning. But in the wake of the WPATH files, and the Cass report from the UK the tide seems to be turning against the insanity that is transgenderism. A powerful component to helping it turn is hearing and understanding the stories of the people who transitioned and then regretted their decision and have since detransitioned. Mary Margaret Olohan, senior reporter at the Daily Signal, has just published a new book that discusses the stories of the detransitioners. Their stories are powerful, heartbreaking, and tragic. Hear another detransitioner story here:

Mary Margaret Olohan is a Senior Reporter at The Daily Signal where she covers the cultural and political stories of the moment through both video and print journalism. She previously wrote for The Daily Wire and got her start at The Daily Caller ...

The Ruth Institute Podcast Episode 234: Mary Margaret Olahan Shares Detransitioner Stories
WPATH files and the Cass Report Expose Transgenderism

The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) study found “remarkably weak evidence” to support gender transitioning minors and young adults. “We are not surprised,” said Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. “We’ve been monitoring reports from detransitioners for a while. The tragedy is that doctors performed these untested interventions in the first place. We are, in effect, gathering data by experimenting on children.”

Morse continued, “The burden of proof should have always been on the side of those claiming these outrageous ‘treatments’ were both safe and effective. It should not be incumbent upon those opposed to ‘gender transitioning’ to prove this is a bad idea. Gender treatment doctors should have been forced to prove the efficacy of their so-called interventions.”

“To add insult to injury, the adult gender clinics are now resisting sharing their data with the University of York study. Evidently, the adult gender clinics are not confident ...

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A little levity...

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Adult Appreciation Week

In light of the Biden White House’s announcement of Transgender Day of Visibility, the Ruth Institute discerned the need for Adult Appreciation Week.

“’Transgender’ people are not the only ones who need and deserve ‘visibility,’” Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse said. “Therefore, the Ruth Institute will observe Adult Appreciation Week from Wednesday April 3 through Tuesday, April 9, 2024.

We honor adults who:
put their own interests aside for the benefit of the common good.
take responsibility for their mistakes.
support their families, even by doing unpleasant jobs.
tell the truth, even when inconvenient.
are in command of themselves, their impulses, and their egos.
wouldn’t dream of cheating others out of their justly earned awards.
do not knowingly mislead children.
protect the innocence of children.
present children with models of self-command, truthfulness, and fair play.
help children aspire to and achieve lives of responsible adulthood.
face ...

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Transgender Insanity Beaten Back
News Roundup 5/22/2024

Perhaps the tide is turning away from transgender madness, and towards a little more sanity. Just weeks after the Cass report from England, and in the aftermath of the devastating WPATH files, a new study revealed that people who had "gender affirming" surgeries had a suicide risk more than 12 times higher than those who did not. Even though this seems like a reasonable conclusion, it is fantastic to have it validated by researchers. This type of study supports state bans on transgender treatments, or, in the case of Mississippi, laws proscribing bathroom use by birth sex only. And there are even schools in Australia that won't be be teaching sex ed until kids are 9. Even with these types of studies out there, however, it won't stop people fully committed to the Sexual Revolution from spouting more nonsense, like Megan Rapinoe, who maintains that men who want to play women's sports should be allowed to (though, her team did lose to an under 15 squad of boys). And, in another sad bit of news, a federl judge has now upheld the Montgomery Maryland school district ruling prohibiting parents from opting their children out of sex-ed. The Sexual State really won't stop at anything to enforce its edicts. 

All this, and more, in this week's News Roundup.


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Former Disney actress shares she is now pro-life: ‘I know that it’s a baby’

Suddenly There Aren’t Enough Babies. The Whole World Is Alarmed.

Megan Rapinoe Demands Trans Athletes Be Allowed to Compete Against Women - Remember When Her Team Faced Teenage Boys?

Schools won't be allowed to teach children that they can change their gender ID, reports say

Mississippi enacts transgender bathroom ban in public schools

Harrison Butker Speech: We need women who are mothers, and men who are masculine

Judge grants detransitioner's lawsuit against doctors to proceed in court: 'Sufficient' allegations

Bumble dating app removes ads mocking celibacy after backlash

Teacher Arrested For 'Making Out' With 5th Grader Is Still Being Paid

OBEY THE GAY: Parents Can’t Opt Children Out of LGBTQ Lessons, Federal Judges Rule.

The Brew: Wife of Kansas City Chiefs Owner Defends Both Motherhood and NFL Kicker

Catholic University Installs Pro-Life Monument to Celebrate Lives of Unborn Babies

Top Psychiatrist Argues Schizophrenic Patients Can Consent To Sex Change Surgeries

Tale of 2 Tweets: The Real Reason to Ban Surrogacy Now

Oregon town in uproar over transgender allegedly undressing in women’s locker at community pool

The View Host Sara Haines: Harrison Butker’s Pro-Life Christian Views are Like a “Cult”

How Should Countries Deal with Rapidly Falling Fertility Rates

‘The Butchers And Liars Were Murderously Wrong’: New Study Finds 12-Fold Higher Suicide Risk For People Who Had Gender Surgery

Criticize Harrison Butker All You Want, Homemaking Is Back

Hilary Cass Says U.S. Doctors Are ‘Out of Date’ on Youth Gender Medicine



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Bill Maher’s critique of Hollywood only scratched the surface of the pedophilia problem

“Bill Maher calling out the pedophilia problem in Hollywood was a good start,” said Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D., of the talk show host’s recent monologue. “But he only scratched the surface.”

“Maher wasn’t shy in pointing out the sexual exploitation of children, particularly young actors in kids’ programs. Unfortunately, Hollywood’s depravity is not surprising. Many powerful people believe the Sexual Revolution’s lie that they can do whatever they want sexually, and kids should be okay with that.”

“Pedophilia was baked in from the beginning of the Sexual Revolution. Founders like Alfred Kinsey and Wilhelm Reich believed children were sexual from birth and should be free to explore their sexuality at an early age. That way of thinking created an environment ripe for pedophiles.”



“The architects of the Sexual Revolution also held that children should receive sex education, not so much to learn the mechanics of how babies are made, but to view sex as for pleasure, not necessarily for babies, marriage, or even love.”

“Childhood needed to be redefined as no longer a time of dependence and innocence. Good parenting meant giving children guilt-free opportunities to explore their sexuality.”

“Now minors have access to contraception and abortion, without parental knowledge or consent. Some states allow so-called “transgender” medical procedures, even taking children away from otherwise fit parents, if they don’t ‘affirm’ the child’s ‘gender identity.’ Thus, the redefinition of childhood is nearly complete.”

“So, thank you, Bill Maher for your stinging critique of Hollywood’s abuse of children. But you didn’t go far enough. We can’t end childhood sexual abuse without striking at the core of the Sexual Revolution and destroying all its rotten fruits.”  

“The only way to protect children’s innocence is to reject the false teachings of the Sexual Revolution and to act like responsible, moral adults.”

“Hollywood will probably be the last to get on board with this, but Maher’s words were a welcome message to adults everywhere that destroying childhood innocence is not okay.”



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The Sexual State is Hard to Shake
News Roundup 5/6/2024

The Sexual State is a horrendous leviathan, not only because it weilds the power, but also because when it does, innocent people get hurt, and those in charge usually respond indifferently or callously to the suffering they have caused. It is with pleasure that we bring you some good news this week. The five girls who were suspended for refusing to participate against a gender-confused boy received a bit of a reprieve this week when a judge blocked their suspension. In the UK, on the heels of the Cass Report, the NHS has somehow managed to regain a bit of sanity by: declaring that sex is indeed a biolgical fact, banning gender-confused men from female-only wards, and cracking down on "inclusive" terms like chestfeeding. Also from across the pond, the LGBT activist group "Stonewall" is now facing a reckoning due to their participation in the transgender craze.

And there's even a bit more good news this week from the corporate world: Coca-Cola shareholders voted down a proposal that would have prevented Coke from doing business in pro-life states. And the representation of LGBT characters on television has decreased. In other news, an interesting study discovered that among female nurses, there was a high correlation between deviant sexuality and premature death. 

Unfortunately, you've got to take the bad with the good. In Wisconsin, a 24 year old teacher was fired, thank goodness, after it was discovered that she was "making out" with a 5th grader. Fortunately the boy's mother had her ear to the ground and noticed some bizarre texts between the boy and the teacher which led to the teacher's expulsion. Hopefully, she will face the consequences of the law. 

And in the west, a Christian teacher who was fired because she informed parents about their children's gender transitions has begun a lawsuit against the district. Since this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, it seemed only apropos that she receive a shoutout for her contributions to the profession by standing up for parents', and children's, rights. 

All this, and more, in this week's News Roundup


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Stonewall faces a corporate reckoning following the Cass report

Bill Maher says the silent part out loud: Abortion is murder

Bold 11-Year-Old Girl Tells School Board About Being Forced To Change In Front of a Biological Boy

A divine dream leads a troubled teen to reject trans ideology

Sex is biological fact, NHS declares in landmark shift against gender ideology

New York State Sues Pregnancy Care Centers over Abortion Reversal Pills

Proposed Scotland law could make anorexic teens eligible for assisted suicide

‘Chestfeeding’ to be banned in NHS crackdown

Trans women to be banned from female hospital wards

LGBT Character Representation on TV Goes Down

Coca-Cola Shareholders Reject Proposal to Stop Selling Products in Pro-Life States

EXCLUSIVE: CDC Must Provide Transparency on Troubling IVF Practices, Congressman Says

Wisconsin Teacher Arrested After Making Out With 5th Grader

Christian teacher sues California school district after she was fired for 'refusing to hide gender transitions from to parents'

Sexual Orientation Among Female Nurses Tied to Premature Death

Judge Blocks Suspensions of Middle School Female Athletes Who Refused to Compete Against Male Student

The Case against Saying ‘Pregnant People’ and other Gender-Neutral Phrases

Where do Majority Catholic Countries Stand with Birth Rates?

Are Black Fathers Necessary: Damn Straight We Are

Will Woke German Bureaucrats Redefine the Family to Include 6 Spouses

The Karen Party Has No Place for Men

It’s Illegal in Most of the World. In America, New Parents Are Embracing It—for Better or Worse.

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