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Join us as we discuss how to protect your family from the ravages of the Sexual Revolution. We talk about finding ways to fight back and defend your homes, churches, communities, and even your nation. We bring together the scientific experts, the witnesses and survivors, and you!
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Podcast: Ex-Gay Visibility Day

The term ex-gay might seem as mythical a creature as the unicorn, but in all actuality, there are more people today that are living as ex-gays than there are as gays. Fr. Sullins has explored this with two colleagues in a recently published paper Today, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is joined by a panel to discuss ex-gay visibility day, why people leave the gay identity, why those who have left will feel pressure not to leave, and how to deal with a child who expresses a same-sex desire. Joining the panel are: Elizabeth Woning, founder of the Changed Movement, Wayne Blakely, founder of Know His Love Ministries, and Andrew Rodriguez, a licensed clinical therapist.

Elizabeth Woning is the co-founder of the Changed Movement (, holds a Masters in Theology, and is a licensed pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, CA, where she lives with her husband Doug. She attended Presbyterian Church (USA) seminar as an open lesbian, and lobbied for marriage an ordination of LGBTQ individuals. The Love of God drew her into a revelation that transformed her life, and she began her journey away from her lesbian identity.

Wayne Blakely is the founder of Know HIs Love Ministries ( After nearly forty years of living openly as a gay man, Jesus Christ convicted him that he had been living for self instead of for God. Today, Wayne writes and speaks around the world and on television sharing what God has done in his life, and what God promises to do for all who choose to establish their identity in the Lord, regardless of orientation. "We ALL want to be loved and accepted.  As Jesus demonstrates His love for us, He invites us to let go of what is not good for us," Wayne explains. "We can’t always choose our temptations, but we can choose our behaviors."

Andrew Rodriguez is an LPC in PA, the owner and director of Integrity Christian Counseling, and the creator of the YouTube channel,, which he uses to discuss psychology, theology, and sexuality through a Christian counseling lens. He is certified in Reintegrative Therapy, an approach for trauma and addictions found safe and helpful in exploring sexual attraction fluidity. Andrew’s mission is to educate the public on the truth about sexuality and therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction, advocate for client rights, and equip the church to effectively help sexuality strugglers. He is on the board of Voice of the Voiceless (, which amplifies the voices of ex-LGBT. As a nondenominational Christian, Andrew also seeks to spread John Paul II’s Theology of the Body among Protestant believers. Andrew has been married to his precious wife Jessica since 2007.

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Podcast: Ex-Gay Visibility Day
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The same people who are telling us to celebrate Women’s history during March are the same ones who are telling us that not only are people like Bruce Jenner and Dylan Mulvaney women, but that there isn’t really a definition of what a woman is in the first place. Fight back against their lies, and celebrate real women with us this month by donating today:

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Paul Kengor, Ph.D., is professor of political science at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, and a New York Times bestselling author of over 20 books. He is senior director and chief academic fellow at the Institute for Faith & Freedom and former visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. His articles have ...

Feminism's Real, but Complicated, History with Transgenderism

Dr. Morse explains one of the three things she learned this past year about transgenderism. Listen in as she explores the complicated relationship between feminism and transgenderism.

True Facts of Feminist History | Mallory Millett on The Dr J Show ep. 226

The same people who are telling us to celebrate Women’s history during March are the same ones who are telling us that not only are people like Bruce Jenner and Dylan Mulvaney women, but that there isn’t really a definition of what a woman is in the first place. Fight back against their lies, and celebrate real women with us this month by donating today:

Refute the Top 5 Gay Myths with this free eBook:

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Mallory Millett’s life in the public spotlight started as a runway and print model for Dayton/Hudson Corporation in her hometown of Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN. She transitioned into a successful acting career with roles in Off-Broadway, On-Broadway and in film. Mallory has published nine feature articles, including “Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives,” which was called by Dr. Patrick Fagan, Director of ...

From Abuse Victim, to Lesbian, to Redemption: Nancy Charles Shares her Story | Dr. J Show ep. 243

Nancy carried a grudge against her parents for years. They didn't help her or take her to therapy. They didn't accept her as a part of the family. To boot, they got divorced. And as far back as when she was 6 she felt like she didn't fit in, almost anywhere. To top it all off, she could recall having her first same sex attraction to her teacher in the 3rd grade. For years she identified as a lesbian and lived that lifestyle, until she came to a realization about all of these issues with her own life and with her parents: it started when she was sexually abused as a very young child. The trauma in her life had led her down the path she was on. Along her healing journey, she discovered that much of the anger she felt at her parents was misplaced and that they had worked to help her heal. Nancy Charles explains the first half of her story with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse on episode 243 of the Dr. J show.

Nancy Charles is an ex member of the LGBTQ community who had a miraculous conversion to Christ through finding and praying the rosary at one of the ...

From Abuse Victim, to Lesbian, to Redemption: Nancy Charles Shares her Story | Dr. J Show ep. 243
Ruth Institute Podcast ep. 241: Marco Casanova Integrating Sexuality and Leaving Behind a Double Life

Marco Casanova wasn’t actively gay until he went to seminary. And while in seminary he kind of lived a double life. He’d learn and fulfill his duties during the day, and at night he’d go to gay bars. Fortunately for him, his wise formators were able to help him discern his vocation more accurately, and help him integrate his sexuality. Today, Marco is married to his wife and works as the Associate Director of Desert Stream Living Waters to help others integrate their whole self. Marco grew up in Houston Texas and entered seminary. After leaving in 2018, he was introduced to Desert Stream Ministries and started working as an intern. He married his wife in 2022.

Desert Stream:

Marco’s Biography at Desert Stream:

Therapy Heals & Makes Change Possible:

Fr. Sullins Research on Ex-gay populations:

Counseling ...

Ruth Institute Podcast ep. 241: Marco Casanova Integrating Sexuality and Leaving Behind a Double Life
Dr. J Podcast Episode 240: Escaping a Nightmare Gay Lifestyle for the Joy of Family

*Technical Note: We used AI to compensate for the mic problem we had during this recording. Thank you for understanding.
What is it like to be a unicorn? Jim Domen has a pretty good answer for that. He built a successful art gallery in Palm Springs with his gay partner and, from all appearances, lived a charmed life.  But the veneer was cracking and his personal life was a nightmare. His partner stole their money, changed the locks and kicked him out of their shared apartment. As an adult, and much like the prodigal son returning home, Jim went back to his parents, found Christ, and abandoned his gay identity. While he was working to pass California’s Prop. 8, he met his wife. They have been married for 15 years, are currently raising their family. While not enjoing spending time with his lovely wife and children, he can be found working with Church United, hunting, completing Iron Man races, or writing books.
Buy his books here:
Not a Mistake: ...

Dr. J Podcast Episode 240: Escaping a Nightmare Gay Lifestyle for the Joy of Family
WPATH files and the Cass Report Expose Transgenderism

The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) study found “remarkably weak evidence” to support gender transitioning minors and young adults. “We are not surprised,” said Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. “We’ve been monitoring reports from detransitioners for a while. The tragedy is that doctors performed these untested interventions in the first place. We are, in effect, gathering data by experimenting on children.”

Morse continued, “The burden of proof should have always been on the side of those claiming these outrageous ‘treatments’ were both safe and effective. It should not be incumbent upon those opposed to ‘gender transitioning’ to prove this is a bad idea. Gender treatment doctors should have been forced to prove the efficacy of their so-called interventions.”

“To add insult to injury, the adult gender clinics are now resisting sharing their data with the University of York study. Evidently, the adult gender clinics are not confident ...

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A little levity...

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Adult Appreciation Week

In light of the Biden White House’s announcement of Transgender Day of Visibility, the Ruth Institute discerned the need for Adult Appreciation Week.

“’Transgender’ people are not the only ones who need and deserve ‘visibility,’” Ruth Institute president Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse said. “Therefore, the Ruth Institute will observe Adult Appreciation Week from Wednesday April 3 through Tuesday, April 9, 2024.

We honor adults who:
put their own interests aside for the benefit of the common good.
take responsibility for their mistakes.
support their families, even by doing unpleasant jobs.
tell the truth, even when inconvenient.
are in command of themselves, their impulses, and their egos.
wouldn’t dream of cheating others out of their justly earned awards.
do not knowingly mislead children.
protect the innocence of children.
present children with models of self-command, truthfulness, and fair play.
help children aspire to and achieve lives of responsible adulthood.
face ...

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London Breed Personifies the Elitist Sexual Revolution's Imposition
News Roundup 6/25/2024

If you needed any further proof of the insanity of the transgender ideology, you need look no further than the San Francisco Mayoral race. During one debate, the current mayor, London Breed, took time to showcase her weirdly expert knowledge on drag queens in order to prove her bona fides and stand out as the true champion of the little...guy. No need to show off her street cred about cleaning up the streets from actual feces, or stopping the crime that is so rampant, no, she is clearly an agent of the Sexual Revolution and continues the top-down imposition of perverse sexual attitudes and actions upon the people of San Francisco, who, however liberal they may be, probably just want the city streets to be safe and clean again. The Sexual Revolution is all about the power, and is clearly an elitist ideology being forced upon us. 

All that, and unfortunately, much more in this week's News Roundup.



Please note that all links are clickable

London Breed’s drag queen ‘gotcha’ moment during mayoral debate straight out of an SNL skit

FBI shows up at home of Texas nurse who opposes ‘transgender medicine’

Catholic Charity Sponsors Book Reading Encouraging Children To Move ‘Beyond The Gender Binary’

Inside The Fight To Shield Kids From Graphic Material In A Deep Red State

Cruz Introduces Bill Protecting Victims From Deepfake Revenge Porn

Thailand's Senate passes historic same-sex marriage bill

Yale Hospital: Reproductive Options for Transgender Individuals

Gay couple speaks out after filing lawsuit against New York City for IVF benefits

Maya Forstater, Gender-Critical Hero, ‘Bullied’ by Police

Catholic Bishops Join Forces with Social Justice Warriors to Prop Up Scandal-Plagued Charity

Why is the FBI covering for trans mass shooters?

Utah Man, who claims to be a woman, kills parents, leads police on a manhunt

Nextdoor App Suspends A Woman For Defending Rape Survivors

Utah lawmakers vote to block federal protections for LGBTQ+ students under Title IX

America’s Medical Establishment Is in Denial on the Dangers of Gender Transition

I had a stranger’s baby when I was engaged to someone else – my fiancee even watched as I pushed and panted on his sofa

Mom of transgender girl athlete says Florida's investigation has destroyed her daughter's life

Chellenging the Equality Act

Lego unveils first LGBTQ set ahead of Pride Month

Baby girl who died from being left in the back of a hot car 'for hours' in San Diego - just two months after being adopted by local gay couple

SCOTUS to Rule on Transgender Medicine for Teens

US Surgeon General Declares Gun Violence (And Not Abortion) A Public Health Crisis

Republican Support for Gay Marriage Plummeted over Past Two Years, New Poll Finds

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The Biden DOJ Goes to Bat for Children's Gender Mutilation Surgeries
News Roundup 6/18/2024

In a bid to outdo itself protecting the tenets of the Sexual Revolution, the Biden administration is beclowning itself once again. Not content to prosecute Mark Houck for protecting his son outside an abortion clinic, the administration is working overtime to intimidate potential whistleblowers by prosecuting Dr. Etan Haim. He is the coureagous whistleblower who exposed the Texas Children's Hospital's had continued to perform of child gender "transition" surgeries, even after Texas had banned such medical interventions. And what, will you ask, is he accused of? A HIPPA violation, and coincidentally having caused malicious harm to the hospital, patients, and physicians, because he contacted someone in the media. Keep in mind, that this administration publishes a document explaining how they will protect federal whistleblowers from retaliation, and shares it annually with the federal workforce. Maddening - and somehing we ought to work to prevent.

Visit Reality's Last Stand for more information on how to help Dr. Haim.

Not to be outdone, our neighbors to the north have decided that it is far less offensive to use the word front hole, instead of the less-trans-friendly (though biologically accurate) cervix. You'd think the Canadian Cancer Association would want to have more clarity on words instead of less, but, you know, sin makes you stupid. 

In happier news, the attorneys general for Texas and Montana are suing the HHS for their rules which compel healthcare providers to perform trans procedures, Paula Scanlon (Swimming team mate of William "Lia" Thomas) is demanding an apology from Upenn for forcing her to undress with him in the locker room, and a German study found that most teens outgrow their gender dysphoria. 

All this, and more, in this week's News Roundup!


Please note that all links are clickable.

Texas, Montana AGs Sue HHS for Compelling Healthcare Providers to Perform Trans Procedures

Florida Judge Strikes Down Sex-Change Prohibition, Allows Minors to Receive Puberty Blockers, Hormone Therapy

Lia Thomas Loses Challenge to International Swimming Rule Banning Males from Female Events

Teachers Can No Longer Have Sex With Their Students At Cambridge: The ‘sordid’ student-teacher sex scene finally banned

The Far Right Is Doxxing and Threatening Drag Queen Story Hour. These Queens Won’t Be Stopped.

The Consensus on Gender Medicine for Kids is Crumbling

Every single conservative fear about gay marriage came true.

Trans-women are infiltrating women's prisons.

Clarence Thomas on Abortion: Liberals Want Limits on Buying Guns But Not on Killing Babies

OPINION: 'Gender ideology' robbed me of my childhood and future health

Scottish Political Staffer Who Threatened Violence Against Women Critical Of Gender Ideology Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Six People

Trans-Identified Male Who Exposed His Breasts At The White House Now Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Another Transgender Person

GERMANY: Transgender Sex Offender Who Posed As Police Officer While In Possession Of Child Pornography Placed In Women’s Prison

Top Canadian Cancer Charity Apologizes for Non Trans-Friendly Language

The Left’s Marriage And Family Dilemma Is A Nuclear Self-Own

Lucy Zelic calls out Football Australia

Why They Hope You Never Learn About John Money

Why there is no natural right to gay marriage

Effects of puberty suppression on bone, body composition, handgrip strength and glucolipid profile in early-pubertal transgender adolescents

Lake Oswego coach says district ousted him after pushed change in transgender athlete law

DOJ unseals indictment against Texas doctor who blew whistle on gender-affirming care for minors

Actresses reportedly shun controversial play skewering JK Rowling's stance on gender

Dr. Haim Vowed to First Do No Harm

Just a Phase: Most German Youth Outgrow Gender Identity Issues

Lia Thomas' Ex-teammate Wants Apology for Shared Locker Room

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Ex-Gay Visibility - June 2024
News Roundup 6/11/2024

In June, we're celebrating the Ex-Gays who have decided to leave behind their gay identities! For this News Roundup, we have a list of all the stories and podcasts who have featured our #exgay campaign. Take the time to read them and leave a positive comment on the original story. It will encourage regular people to participate and take a stand for our brothers and sisters who have left behind their gay identities. 

But, never content to let sleeping dogs lie, the Sexual State is back at it in two important cases involving the holiest of shrines of the Sexual Revolution. In the most prominent case, the Biden DOJ is pursuing four felony charges against the Texas doctor who revealed gender affimration surgeries at a children's hospital. The other case, which isn't getting nearly as much attention, involves a few teenagers and a crosswalk in Washington State. There, the teenagers left a few skidmarks on the crosswalk, which the city had recently painted to represent the pride flag. Not content to make them clean up their vandalism, the city is actively prosecuting a case against them. You'll notice that the concern for vandalism is a new one, as the vandalism of 2020 or of the American flag doesn't seem to draw the same type of outrage or consternation on their part. They're giving away the game: their sexuality has become their god. You might even call it narcissistic sexuality. Another, of many, reasons that show why pride truly is a cardinal sin. All this, and more, in this week's News Roundup!


Please Note All Links Are Clickable

Celebrate Ex-Gay visibility Day

Reclaiming ‘Pride Month’: June 2 is ‘Ex-Gay Visibility Day’'

Ex-gay Visibility Day: First Sunday in June

Come Celebrate Ex-Gay Visibility Day with Christine Bacon

Life After Homosexuality

The Current with Kathleen Benfield on Ex-Gay Visibility Day

New Day Visibility Counters LGBTQ Narrative

New Research On "Conversion Therapy" Turns LGBTQ Narrative on Its Head

Olympics chiefs BAN a list of 'harmful' words describing trans athletes - and tell journalists not to call them 'born male', 'biologically male' or mention a 'sex change' during the Games in Paris

‘Pride Is Not A Virtue’: Jordan Peterson Says He Is ‘Done’ With Pride Month

Let's check on the state of modern American beauty pageants, shall we?

One Man’s Journey Out of Homosexuality to Peace with a Loving God Came through Surrender

DOJ Indicts Whistleblowing Surgeon for Exposing Transgender Procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital

Evil' teaching assistant who had sex with boy, 10, after she groomed him during a sickening campaign of abuse is jailed for eight years

Biden Attorney Who Put Pro-Life Grandma in Prison Drops Murder Charge Against Criminal Who Killed Elderly Woman

WA daycare worker charged with child rape

Three Washington teens are facing TEN YEARS in jail after making skid marks on LGBT rainbow road mural while riding e-scooters

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